The MLab is featured in the latest (Nov-Dec 2016) issue of ACM Interactions, a bimonthly publication about design and human-computer interaction. There, Jentery published a short piece titled, “Design Without a Future,” featuring our research on the Early Magnetic Recording Kit as well as four photographs by Danielle.

Designing without a future positions prototyping as a negotiation with histories of media rather than as a speculation about possible futures. It also recognizes how many of the technologies we remake are no longer accessible and likely never will be again: they are broken, lost, missing, or not in circulation. Remaking them is thus about the contingencies of experience and interpretation, not ideal forms or designs.

Thanks to Daniela Rosner for feedback on drafts of this publication. A photograph of the cover is above.

Post by Tiffany Chan, attached to the KitsForCulture and EarlyMagneticRecording projects, with the news tag. Featured image care of Interactions. 


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