At the 2015 Digital Humanities Summer Institute, the Maker Lab team taught a new iteration of “Physical Computing and Fabrication in the Humanities.” We really enjoyed it, and we met some wonderful people in the process. A few photos from the course, which I co-taught with Nina Belojevic, Devon Elliott, and Shaun Macpherson, are above. Descriptions and links to the image URLs are below.

During the week, we also archived all of our Physical Computing and Fabrication course materials with GitHub, including an index file containing the course outline, schedule, and notes. (You can download all of the course materials as a ZIP file.) See you at next year’s Institute, where the team is teaching the course again, with a twist.

Image 1: Yvonne, Jay, Brandon, Kuba, Kathleen, Aaron, and Andrew exhibiting their projects on Friday
Image 2: Kuba and Jay working on their prototypes, with Andrew in the background
Image 3: Physical computing and fabrication projects on display during Friday’s exhibit
Image 4: Padmini working with Brandon on #box, a light-emitting heart corresponding with Twitter hashtags
Image 5: Ethan’s gloom box
Image 6: Aaron’s 3D poetry display, in conversation with Margaret and Andrew’s work on Gertrude Stein
Image 7: Kyle and Tracey talking about their “Tilt Me House” project, with Jay in the background
Image 8: Looking inside Danielle’s remaking of Edison’s Black Maria movie production studio
Image 9: Jay’s weather monitor in progress
Image 10: Nina working with—from foreground to background—Ethan, Danielle, and Kathleen
Image 11: Shaun walking the class through how to trigger behaviours in Arduino

Shaun photographing the class on Friday

Shaun photographing the class on Friday

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