Hello! We have some exciting news!

We are now the Praxis Studio for Comparative Media Studies at the University of Victoria. With this new name, we’ve also changed locations (from the Technology Enterprise Facility to the Clearihue Building), created a simple website, and started moving in a new direction.

The Praxis Studio is a group of researchers who study the aesthetics and politics of media by blending theory and history with storytelling and prototyping. We identify pressing topics in media studies, articulate them as studio themes, research and write about them, prototype scenarios for them, and facilitate events to engage them. We amplify research by UVic graduate students, and we value decolonization, situated knowledge, the space of place, and integrative approaches to media: old + new, analog + digital, still + moving, popular + experimental, immersive + meta.

Thanks to everyone, including the Department of English, who supported the MLab since 2012. We will no longer update this website, but it will remain live, and the Digital Fabrication Lab is still running in UVic’s Visual Arts Building.

If you’re looking for a makerspace on campus, then we recommend the UVic Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Commons.

Post and featured image by Jentery Sayers, attached to the Makerspace project, with the news tag.


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Associate Professor, English and CSPT | Principal Investigator, MLab in the Humanities