Members of the Maker Lab team are among 25 winners of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) “Research for a Better Life: The Storytellers” video contest involving universities across Canada. The MLab team members (pictured below) are Adele Barclay, Nina Belojevic, Alex Christie, Arthur Hain, Mikka Jacobsen, Shaun Macpherson, Jana Millar Usiskin, and Katie Tanigawa. The SSHRC video contest includes a prize of $3,000 per winning team.

The Lab’s winning video, “Recovering the Local: A Digital Literary Exhibit on Audrey Alexandra Brown” (above) details the Audrey Alexandra Brown Exhibit project, which is scheduled to launch this year. About that project, Jana Millar Usiskin says the following: “Women’s voices have historically been overlooked in a national context. It’s important to use new media to recover local women’s voices in order to reshape contemporary understanding of national history and culture.”

The winning “Research for a Better Life” videos were unveiled in a cascade from coast to coast, starting April 2 in Newfoundland and ending May 21 with the four University of Victoria videos ahead of Congress 2013 next month. UVic and Ryerson were the only universities with four winners each. During Congress 2013, the UVic students will join the other winners in an exclusive research communications workshop as well as a three-minute storytellers pitch at the heart of an expo event space. They will compete for an opportunity to travel to the international social sciences forum in Montreal this October. Read more about the students and their video projects in The Ring. To view their videos, visit

Audrey Alexandra Brown Exhibit: Newspaper Clipping

From the Audrey Alexandra Brown Exhibit: a newspaper clipping featuring a head shot of Audrey Alexandra Brown with other Canadian authors. Image care of the Audrey Alexandra Brown Collection. Digitization by Jana Millar Usiskin.

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