Thanks to Tara Sharpe for writing a piece on the Kits for Cultural History and our new Digital Fabrication Lab for The Ring at UVic. The piece, titled “Makerspaces Matter,” appeared both online and in print. Two excerpts are below.

The lab is remaking and reinvigorating antiquated technologies—which are no longer accessible and perhaps never functioned properly in the first place—by creating high resolution 3D models and manufacturing them with computer-controlled machines. “Put this way, the Maker Lab actively intervenes in the stuff of material history, determining what is missing and then circulating physical prototypes of the absences for interpretation,” says Sayers.


The Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL), an extension of the Maker Lab, is now open in the Visual Arts Building. While the TEF space works well for the prototyping side of Sayers’ research, it is not sufficient for digital fabrication and machining. The DFL is the first lab of its kind to encompass the arts and humanities in North America. Additionally, no university or college in North America yet has a computer numerical control (CNC) lab in the humanities, meaning the DFL is the first humanities facility of its kind on the continent.

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Post by Danielle Morgan, attached to the Makerspace project, with the news tag. Images for this post care of The Ring and the Maker Lab.


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