Tiffany, Kat, Danielle, Victoria, and I recently made a video for UVic’s Research Reels event. It’s titled “Kits for Cultural History: Remaking the Past,” and it was screened on campus earlier this month. UVic uploaded the video to YouTube, and I’ve embedded it here.

Thanks again to UVic, Robert Baker (Blinds Veterans UK), Mara Mills (NYU), Matthew Rubery (QMUL), Bill Turkel (Western), Paul Walde (UVic), Fiona Keenan (U. of York), SSHRC, and CFI for their support. Thanks to Rah Bras for the music.

Post by Teddie Brock, attached to the Makerspace and KitsForCulture projects, with the news tag. Featured video for this post care of Teddie Brock, Tiffany Chan, Katherine Goertz, Danielle Morgan, and Victoria Murawski.


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