At the Maker Lab, I am very fortunate to work with a number of really brill people each year. Since the research we conduct is collaborative—and I spend a significant amount of time in our lab space—I also get to know everyone quite well. But, until this year, I have taken sole responsibility for directing the lab and its everyday operations.

I am happy to announce that, earlier this month, both Nina Belojevic and Shaun Macpherson joined the Maker Lab as Assistant Directors. They will be working on our “Kits for Cultural History” project, which is supported by SSHRC in collaboration with William J. Turkel and his team at Western. As many of you may know, Nina and Shaun have worked with the Maker Lab during the last two years, as research assistants. Having now completed their graduate degrees in English and CSPT/English, respectively, they decided to stick around for another year in order to further develop their interests in physical computing, digital manufacturing, and media theory. The Lab is incredibly lucky—beyond lucky!—to have them. Not only are they well-versed in applied approaches to media history; they also actively participate in Victoria’s arts scene.

Joining Nina, Shaun, and the MLab team this year are Nicole Clouston, Katherine Goertz, and Danielle Morgan. Nicole is in the Visual Arts MFA program at UVic. Having already exhibited her work in Toronto, Montreal, and Victoria, she builds sculptural pieces that encourage innovative thinking, consideration of wonder, and discussions surrounding the cultural implications, costs, and possibilities of new knowledge and technologies. Katherine is currently pursuing an English honours at UVic, with particular interests in social justice and cultural studies. And Danielle is also pursuing a UVic English BA, exploring the relationships between digital humanities, new media art, and literature.

Welcome, Nina, Shaun, Nicole, Katherine, and Danielle!

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