I’m often asked what sort of stuff may go into a makerspace. During the last three years, I’ve thought a lot about this question, especially while writing grant proposals and giving talks about the MLab. In response, I’ve been collaborating with Danielle and Katherine to translate the MLab’s inventory—across our two spaces on campus, one for prototyping and the other for fabrication—into a spreadsheet, which is organized into nine categories: Tools, Cameras, Electronics, Furniture, Machines, Software, Safety Equipment, Materials, and Computers and Displays. I’m sure something is missing from the list, and we’ll no doubt revise it in the future. For now, tho, it’s available as a Google Spreadsheet. I hope people find it useful as they research makerspaces in and beyond the academy. Of course, if you have not already, then I recommend communicating with your building managers, OHSE offices, administration, local communities, and fellow practitioners before you start developing a makerspace. It is a collective effort.

Spreadsheet for Inventory

Thanks again to Danielle and Katherine, as well as Nina and Shaun, for their help populating the spreadsheet. It was no small task! Thanks, too, to the Department of English, Faculty of Humanities, Modernist Versions Project, Electronic Textual Cultures Lab, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada Foundation for Innovation, and British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund for supporting our infrastructure, research training, and research practice.

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