I just want to take a moment to congratulate the 2012-13 HASTAC Scholars at MLab: Alex Christie, Mikka Jacobsen, Shaun Macpherson, Jana Millar Usiskin, and Katie Tanigawa, each of whom is pictured below.


HASTAC (“haystack”) is a network of individuals and institutions inspired by the intersections between new technologies, learning, teaching, communicating, creating, and community organizing. HASTAC Scholars share what’s happening on their campuses with an international audience by networking with their local communities and the online HASTAC community. They also orchestrate a regular discussion forum on the HASTAC website. Looking forward to a great 2012-13 year!

Post by Jentery Sayers, attached to the HASTAC project, with the news tag. The featured image for this post, care of hastac.org, is a network visualization based on HASTAC communications.


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