Last week, Garnet Hertz visited the MLab and facilitated a fantastic workshop using a deck of cards he designed. Below are some photos from the event. There was clay, and fun was had. Thanks again, Garnet, for your time and generosity. Thanks, too, to the ETCL for co-sponsoring the workshop.

Garnet Hertz in the MLab

Garnet in the MLab

Nicole's "Selfie Trough" for Cows

Nicole’s “Selfie Trough” for Cows

Nina and Shaun Working with Clay

Shaun and Nina Working with Clay

Garnet's Cards, Shaun's Unmanned Automated Tractor

Garnet’s Cards, Shaun’s Unmanned Automated Tractor

Kat, Danielle, Bruno, Nina and I during the Workshop

Kat, Danielle, Bruno, Nina and I Chatting During the Workshop (images care of Garnet)

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