The Maker Lab team has returned from the 2013 Digital Humanities Summer Institute. We had a blast. Some photos from the “Physical Computing and Desktop Fabrication” course, which I co-taught with Bill Turkel and Devon Elliott, are above. Descriptions and links to the originals are below. See you at next year’s Institute, where Bill, Devon, and I are again facilitating physcomp and desktop fab.

Image 1: Edward Jones-Imhotep (center) looking at a laptop held by Jacqueline Wernimont (right) while building a 3D printer
Image 2: Luciano Frizzera (left) and Aaron Mauro (right) building a circuit together
Image 3: Alex Christie (left) and Kate Siemens (right) prepping a 3D model for the printer
Image 4: Alex Christie staring at a 3D printer that the group collaboratively built
Image 5: Bill Turkel (background) and Kari Kraus (foreground) working on a 3D printer together
Image 6: Luciano Frizzera (left) and Aaron Mauro (right) building a circuit using a PIR sensor and a speaker
Image 7: Devon Elliott unboxing our popup makerspace
Image 8: Members of the group building circuits together using Arduino microntrollers
Image 9: Luciano Frizzera experimenting with photocells, Flash, and Arduino
Image 10: Spencer Roberts (left) and Kari Kraus (right) debugging a 3D printer
Image 11: The 3D printer prior to assembly
Image 12: The 3D printer after assembly
Image 13: Spencer Roberts (left), Alex Christie (center), and Kari Kraus (right) working on a 3D printer
Image 14: Luis Meneses (left), Reg Beatty (center), and Jillian Warren (right) building a circuit together
Image 15: Bill Turkel (left) and Tyler Longmire (right) working on a Max patch
Image 16: Aaron Mauro (left), Patrick Close (center), and Kate Siemens (right) testing Arduino
Image 17: Kate Brooks (left) and Kate Siemens (right) working on a circuit
Image 18: Tyler Fox (foreground) and Shane Plante (background) building Max patches

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