In January, Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein announced that Debates in the Digital Humanities (originally published in 2012 by the University of Minnesota Press) is now a book series from Minnesota. As part of that series, I am thrilled to circulate a call for papers for Making Humanities Matter, which will examine the arts and humanities in an age of programmable worlds and digital/analog convergence. What does it mean to describe humanities scholarship as built, assembled, or constructed? To call a humanities argument a persuasive or provocative object? To understand humanities disciplines as creative disciplines? To, in short, make things in the humanities?

Read the entire CFP on the Debates website. The deadline for abstracts is 3 April 2015. Collaboratively authored submissions are especially welcome. The Debates in the Digital Humanities editorial team will review all abstracts, and authors of selected abstracts will be invited to submit full manuscripts by 15 June 2015, with peer-to-peer review occurring during July 2015. The volume will be published, in print and online, in 2016.

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